A published author, speaker, musician and mentor for those who are looking for peace in their life.  I offer mentoring sessions and talks about opening peace and incorporating into life. I also play music and do Native American Flute Journeys and teach a class  - Exploring You. 


We are all looking for HOME. Our grace, our peace, our foundation of who we are. I offer a soulful journey to this place.


Hi, I am Michael. I spent years seeking a way to unfold peace in life. After years of searching, I opened something beautiful. I want to share it with you. I offer mentoring, talks, stories, and music as tools awaken your inner peace.  


It's time to come home. 

" You are a drop of water seeking the ocean"


Native American Flute Journey

 Drumming along with a guided journey into the mountains to hear the trees, the wind, the black bear, the white-tailed dear guide you to your own lost peace with the sounds of native American flutes, singing bowls, deep poems, and pointers. 


An amazing journey home

Each journey offers a new teaching to seeing our truth. Short question and answer lecture afterwards to explore our deepest truth and how to live in that truth. 

musical healing


Experience the deep healing energy of  432hz healing tones, Native American Flute and Singing Bowls. Guided vocals with poetry and imagery. 

Discussion and tips  on how to incorporate this peace into your life. 

Live music performed by recording artist to open peace and eliminate stress.


The Sunshine class

In an open discussion, explore through the writings of Walt Whitman, Shakespear, Rumi and others our deepest truth of who we are and how to return to home to peace. Topics include:

 - Exploring Thoughts

- Letting Go

- How to Love Yourself

- Unplugging and plugging back in

- Living as Awareness

- St Francis of Assisi a poem to heal


  • Short Guided Meditation

  • Reading from writers

  • Questions

  • Open Talk and Exploring

  • Homework to walk away with 

  • Monthly or by weekly 


Vibrations and song can open this moment now... here the heart sings and feels. Home returns.


Michael Smith

Let's Talk.

Baltimore MD

410 236 3282


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